We believe that many secrets of the Persian Kitchen are kept hidden from tourists, as restaurants menu choices are limited to few options, mostly Kabobs. In order to unveil the secrets of Persian Kitchen, and introduce different sides of Persian cuisine, we host dinners that allow guests taste many of “Grandma” favored home-made dishes. Dinners are usually offered in buffets, with home-made dishes and certain options that are unique to Isfahan. While we try to offer verity of options for our vegetarian and vegan guests, we also keep healthy balance, by including multiple salads, variety protein options, as well as multiple sources of carbohydrates.

While all dishes in Persian cuisine are delicious, Ghasr Monshi Restaurant is famous for its buffet of mostly local dishes.
Typically our buffets include:
3-4 Different Salads
3-4 Vegetarian Choices
1-2 Types of Rice
1-2 Types of Kebab
1-2 Types of Soup
2-3 Types of Stews
2-3 Local Specialties
Because all dishes are prepared fresh on daily basis, dinner is only prepared based on the number of reservations. Therefore, please reserve in advance and join us for dinner.

GhasrMonshi Palace is a remainder of Ghajjar Dynasty from early 1200’s SH (1820’s AD). Therefore, while the Palace provides an unforgettable experience in a beautiful Persian ambiance, it is also historically significant as it was one of Fatahali Shah’s few houses in Isfahan.


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